Freedom Comes Standard

The Roost roof top tent (RTT) offers a new level of comfort and flexibility to bring more enjoyment to your outdoor recreational and entertainment activities. No matter where you go or what activity you choose to pursue, the Roost roof top tent is designed to provide convenient shelter and a safe resting place.

Product Features


Freedom to Enjoy

Camp Using Roost Tents Outdoor Recreation

Outdoor Recreation

Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Surfing

Camp Using Roost Tents for Sporting Events

Sporting Events

Car Racing, Motorcycle Gatherings,
Football Games/Tailgating

Camp Using Roost Tents for Entertainment Events

Entertainment Events

Concerts, Theme Park Visits

Freedom to Move

The Roost roof top tent is designed with a universal mounting system that will allow it to fit on the rack of an SUV, Pick-up Truck, Trailer, Boat and other vehicles. Provided there is a traditional racking system (Thule, Yakima or Rhino Rack) or mounting framework with the appropriate strength characteristics, the Roost tent can be securely fastened into location and ready for use.

SUV Camping Roost Tents Combo
SUV Roost Combo
SUV Roost Combo
SUV Roost Combo

Freedom to Play

Converts to Cargo Carrier

The Roost RTT can be easily converted into a cargo carrier by removing the foam mattress and tent fabric from the Velcro fastening strips. With 13 inches of closed height in the rear the unit will easily carry ski equipment, smaller pieces of luggage, tools and lumber for the home repair project. (total weight without tent fabric: 95lbs)

Cargo Carrier and Mobile Tent

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