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Roost Powered By SylvanSport

Posted: Feb, 2014

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Solar Boat Chronicles

ROOST is pleased to announce its partnership with SylvanSport, an industry and innovation leader in the outdoor recreational and lifCSTyle utility trailer market. Sylvan has gained an outstanding reputation for designing and developing top quality products made in the USA that meet the needs of both recreational and serious outdoor enthusiast. Whether you have a passion for camping, mountain biking, canoe, kayaking and everything in between, Sylvan has a mobile solution to handle the transport of all your gear and essentials.

With the 2014 introduction of the GO-EASY compact recreational trailer Sylvan has expanded the accessibility of their product and the Roost makes a perfect value added compliment. By mounting the ROOST to the GO-EASY rack system, the user has storage and transport capacity combined with a comfortable place to rCST and sleep after a fulfilling day of pursuing your outdoor recreational or sporting passion!

Solar Boat
Chronicles Update

Posted: March 27, 2013

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Solar Boat Chronicles

The Solar Boat Chronicles made it successfully up the Atlantic Coast to New York City last sailing season 100% fueled by solar power. In May 2013 the trip will pick up again from this stopping point and follow the course charted through the Great Lakes and then down Mississippi River waterway. Capt. Jim Greer and his crew plan to complete the entire loop and end up back in the Gulf of Mexico by the end of the 2013 sailing season. We’ll be tracking their progress as they continue this first of its kind voyage!

Solar Boat
Chronicles & Roost

Posted: April 12, 2012

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Solar Odyssey: >>

Solar Boat Chronicles

Roost USA, Inc. has teamed up with Skipper Jim Greer and his crew as they travel over 6,000 miles around America’s Great Loop waterway in search of adventure entirely under solar power. Jim’s solar powered boat will feature a Roost tent securely fastened to its deck in front of the Captain’s cabin to provide additional sleeping space for guCST and interns that join the Solar Boat Chronicles!

While on the first of its kind solar powered voyage, Jim and his crew will be exploring Great Loop Waterway and its unique ecology and the living history on its banks; meet the colorful characters that populate its towns and boat-ways; while producing the show on the boat. All this on the custom-made, solar-powered eco-green boat: “Ra.” Join the Solar Boat Chronicles for a chance to stay in the penthouse Roost!

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