Roost Mounting Guide

The Roost roof top tent has been designed to fit any standard roof rack system (Thule, Yakima or Rhino Racks). Each tent includes two galvanized runners that are inset into the base of the tent flush with
the bottom surface and stretch its entire length.
4 galvanized steel brackets come standard and can be placed in any location along the runners to align with cross bar spread and securely hold the unit to the rack at four location points.

Roost Mounting Instructions

How to Mount a Roost Tent

Recommended Cross Bars

Rino Racks
  • 2500 Multi Fit RHD Roof Rack

Length: 59” >>
  • LB58 58 Inch Load Bar
  • ARB60 AeroBlade Load Bar

Length: 58” and 60” inches respectively >>
  • 58” cross bar

Length: 58” >>
Baja Racks
Roost tents fit most Baja racks.
Please contact Roost
to confirm compatibility. >>

Minimum length: 58”

Crossbars must be long enough to extend slightly
beyond the outside dimensions of the Roost RTT.

Roost Powered By SylvanSport

Roost Tent Powered by SylvanSport

    The all-new GO-EASY sport utility trailer by SylvanSport is ultra-lightweight, UPS shippable and assembles into an outstanding solution for hauling bikes, kayaks and other outdoor gear. Add the rack system to the GO-EASY and easily mount the ROOST tent to expand the functionality and flexibility with a comfortable place to rest and sleep. >>

Recommended Cross Bar Towers

  • Will vary depending upon your vehicle specifications
    (consult vehicle owners manual for further details)
  • Roof rack loads will vary depending on the weight limits
    of your cross bar system and vehicle specifications

Bar Spread: 32” Minimum / 58” Maximum

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