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Solid product!  Definitely exceeded my expectations!  Keep up the great work!

Salt Lake City, Utah
September 2017

We set out to spend over two months in a roost tent and the quality has surpassed all of our expectations. The setup is simple and only takes a couple of minutes. The memory foam mattress is more comfortable than my bed at home. I can’t say enough about this well built product. It’s a bargain at the price and I’m extremely pleased with its aesthetics on top of our van. I’m convinced that a Roost Tent is simply the best sleep you’ll ever get camping. Not to mention it's more efficient and comfortable than lugging around traditional tent gear.

Dan Snyder
Atlanta, GA
March 2017

I purchased one of these units for my truck. I am very pleased with the product overall. I found that it best fits my needs for traveling and seeing family out of state. I enjoy the versatility of being able to travel to campgrounds without the bulk of a travel trailer or RV and still fit what I need in my truck. This is a great new product to add to the many things that make camping and travel that much easier. Thanks again!

Randy Martindale
Hermiston, OR

I own a first generation model and have been very pleased with how well it has performed. It’s extremely easy to set up…no more poles or ropes to mess with! The mattress is very comfortable and I enjoy sleeping up off the ground away from the critters. The tent is very roomy when open at 59” high and with a closed height of 13”, has enough room to allow for bedding, clothing and the ladder to stow inside. I have used many tents in my life but none are as easy and quick to set up as this one. The product is fantastic and it makes camping really enjoyable again!

Bill Seymour — Retired
Southside, AL

I live in the Southwest corner of Colorado, right in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. Many folks live here because of the varied recreational opportunities our climate and terrain provide. I love camping in the backcountry but need to be mindful of the time it takes to set up and tear down camp. Uneven terrain, rain, snow, uninvited animals, and insects always factor into my experience. When I learned about roof top tents, I knew the concept would be a great fit for me. I researched a number of companies and decided on your product. The tent takes all of 90 seconds to set up, is incredibly comfortable, and protects me from the ground elements. I can tell you that I won’t be going back to a traditional ground tent again. This product is just too great. Love it!

Bill Bishop
Bayfield, CO